Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I came home from my girls weekend in North Caroline to a sick little guy. He'd had a cold when Abel took him to my parents on Friday (yes, I got a weekend away in North Carolina and Abel got a solo weekend at home) and ended up with a pretty bad cough. He ran a fever Sunday night so Abel stayed home with him on Monday. I'm home with him, as usual, today. Poor little guy! He's just miserable. He slept with me last night (Abel escaped to the guest room) and we were up about every two hours all night. I think that was the most night wakings he's had since he was about 4 months old. I honestly didn't mind it, though. It was so nice to be able to cuddle and soothe my little guy.

The funniest thing happened, though. About 4am he turned into a little dictator. First, he didn't want the blanket, only the sheet. Then he wanted his pillow a certain way. Then he wanted my pillow a certain way. He was so serious about it all. Honestly, I think he was just a bit delirious.

We're having a cuddly little day--with too much TV. I don't think Abel will be able to take another day off this week, so most likely I'll be home with him again tomorrow. I'm thinking I'd better get out to Target or Safeway tonight or I'll start going a bit delirious myself!


  1. Some of my sweetest childhood memories are of my mom taking care of me when I was sick. There is nothing better than having your mom to soothe you. I'm sure Lucas will appreciate all the TLC for many many years to come.

  2. you forgot to mention that he threw up on his grandfather! :) I talked to dad tonight, and he said he was looking up christmas presents for Lucas on the internet. I told him I thought he would've written Lucas off the Christmas buying list after he threw up on him this weekend. But, I guess he must REALLY love him.


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