Thursday, March 5, 2009

At least the flowers will last longer

Thanks to Lucas's prompting at dinner two night's ago, Abel came home with two bunches of tulips last night. It was really, really sweet: one was for Lucas and one was for me. Lucas was thrilled and we are all enjoying them.

Immediately after handing over the tulips, however, I sent Abel down to the basement to check out the furnace. It wasn't working! The house seemed a little chilly when Lucas and I got home, but it had been an unusually cold few days and we keep our thermostat pretty low anyway. I figured I'd just notch it up a bit. Well, the temp. was set to be 68 but the actual temp. was reading at 60! No wonder my toes were cold!

Abel was convinced that the original-to-the-house round Honeywell thermostat had simply crapped out. Luckily, we'd had a programmable thermostat laying around for more than a year (part of our small steps to go green effort) that he'd never installed. He spent a few hours on that and then....ta da! nothing.

We pulled out the space heater and moved Lucas over to our bed. It was actually quite cozy in our room for the night. A freezing bathroom first thing in the morning, however, is not so fun.

Some one's coming over in a few hours. Hopefully it will be a cheap, quick and easy fix. I am praying we don't need a new furnace. (This is a strong possibility, though, as our home inspector told us more than 3 years ago that it was on the end of its life cycle.)

Well, at least the chilly temperatures will help the tulips last longer!


  1. That's a positive way to look at it! Maybe the warmer temperatures this weekend will help for a while. Stay warm!

  2. tulips are my favorite flower. :) I hope you gave lucas an extra cupcake or something for his wonderful dinner reminder. the adorable thing is that I can fully picture him raising his finger in the air and making his proclamation.

  3. So THAT's why you were after my snuggie...


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