Monday, March 9, 2009

That, or a greeter at Wal Mart

After almost 30 years, first as assistant superintendent of recreation then superintendent of recreation for my hometown, my dad is retiring this summer. 30 years people. My goodness, I've been at this job for 3 years (this month, actually) and am feeling like I've been here for. ever. We're all totally psyched for this retirement, especially because he's treating the fam to a nice beach vacation immediately following his retirement party. But, I keep asking my mom, and Abel keeps asking me, and I keep asking my sister, "What is he doing to DO?" We're all quite sure he'll go a little stir-crazy, at least once it gets too cold for golf.

Well, I now have the answer! He can use is extensive real-life experience with a small town recreation and parks department to consult for this new show. Perfect.

If I've learned anything over basically my entire life of seeing my father do this job then I can assure you that this is going to be must see TV, people. Must. See.

Okay, not really, but running a recreation department is definitely more exciting than making paper and so if they can do for parks and recreation what The Office did for paper than it's sure to be a hit!

By the way, my claim to fame as daughter of this all-powerful recreation man is that I got to pick out the colors for a new playground once. Seriously. What do you think those colors were? Why, purple and pink, of course. It was the 80s after all!

Go ahead. Admit it. You're jealous!


  1. You got to pick out the colors for a playground ??!!!

    THat is SO super cool- you must have felt like a rock star !

  2. I don't usually watch shows like that but I think I'll be watching that one.. since I'll have firsthand experience with the show topic that is. :)interesting blog.


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