Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yep, Definitely the Mama of a Boy

We found out the sex of our baby at about 20 weeks and the fact that he was a boy was confirmed again with another sonogram later in my pregnancy. No yellow or green for us, his nursery was all boy. Not just a football theme, it is a scarlet and gray Ohio State Buckeyes nursery.

Other than a brief interest in a baby doll stroller, Lucas's favorite toy selections are trucks and trains and more trucks. He's tough and likes to play rough. He never--well, almost never--sits quietly for minutes on end entertaining himself with a book or crayons. Give him mud and sticks, though, and that will keep him occupied for ages.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm definitely raising a boy. And while I've known that fact since the first sonogram at 20 weeks, it really truly set in recently at the park.

It was a nice spring day and Lucas and I walked over to the park. Not the one a block from our house but another one in town, several blocks away. We were both having fun running around and had been there for quite a while. I noticed that it seemed like he needed to go to the bathroom and momentarily panicked. He's newly potty trained and rarely has accidents but he also can't hold it for very long. Luckily I spotted restrooms and we started to make our way over. As we got closer I realized there were signs hanging on each of the doors. Uh oh: Closed for Winter. The situation was critical. It would take too long to walk back home and if he wet his pants, I was sure he wouldn't want to walk home then. There was no way I was carrying him the whole way home, especially if he was covered in urine.

Then it dawned on me: he is a boy, right? What's the one thing I was always jealous of on camping trips and--I'll admit--during a few college football tailgates? The ability to urinate outside!

So we went around back to a more secluded, forested area and I coached him into peeing outside.

What a milestone in the life of a boy!

His first time peeing in the great outdoors. And most certainly not his last.

Yes, it's official: I'm definitely mama to a boy!

Original post to DC Metro Moms. Aimee Olivo blogs about life's adventures at Smiling Mama.

amy m said...
Aimee--I love this. Being the mother of a boy is crazy and wonderful, and there's a little something new every day.

BananaBlueberry said... This advantage has saved us a couple of times !

Boys are great :)

Wife and Mommy said...
Oh yes. This ability has saved us several times as well. And now every time we go to the particular playground where Bito first watered a tree, he wants to do it again. Boys.

Stimey said...
This is one of the very best perks of having a boy.

Original post by Smiling Mama. Thanks for reading!

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