Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lucas Says...

Here are a few pretty adorable things Lucas has said/done recently....

When I pulled out the nail clippers, Lucas said, "No Mama! I want claws like a bear so I can climb trees." I finally convinced him distracted him with TV long enough to clip his fingernails but he would not let me get close to his toes, which are definitely approaching claw-length! A fight for another day....

Last night at dinner, Lucas put his index finger up in the air and announced, "Dada, I have some great news!" What, Lucas? "Mama needs flowers!" Indeed, after a Valentine's Day sans flowers I did coach Lucas to tell his Dada that they should get me flowers. I guess the reminder took a few weeks to get delivered! (To be fair, I did tell Abel to get me flowers before or after Valentine's Day, not pay the outrageous prices on Valentine's Day.)


  1. Ha ha! Can' you have him call up John and say, "Old Lady needs flowers!"?

  2. Yes, Mama DOES need flowers! Often!

    That's so cute!

  3. The nail thing at your house sounds more fun than the screaming that I'm going to chop off a finger that happens at my house.

  4. too cute! better late than never, right? this mama needs flowers too.

  5. TV is the perfect distraction for cutting nails!


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