Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting Lucky

I've written before (and here) about my fantastic luck. And, I have to admit that I do seem to win more than the average Joe. But, I also think that part of it is that each time I win something, it increases the opinion (mine and others) that I am lucky. But, every time I don't win, those opinions are not diminished. I think there's some sort of law about that in science. I'm not really one for science, though, so have no idea what the name of that law might be. Anyone?

Speaking of laws of science, the one that I will always fondly remember, though apparently not fondly enough to recall the actual name, is the one that says if you look at a measurement from any angle other than straight on, the measurement will be incorrect. The reason I remember that one? Well, my physics teacher used the example that when the person in the passenger's seat looks over at the speedometer from the side they will see a reading that is a few MPH higher than the actual speed of the car. I pulled that little factoid out many, many times when driving with my dad. He always thought I was going too fast. Probably still does.

So anyway, what I'm trying to say is that maybe I'm not really more lucky than the average Joe but that the perception is that I am. My family certainly perceives this. Case in point, when I was a child, my aunt--who lived in another town--would regularly put my name on raffle tickets. (Hmmm...she never did share any prizes won with my name and my luck! Humph!)

All this is to say that I have gotten lucky thanks to the Internets recently. So here are some belated thanks to...Jessica at A Parent in Silver Spring Reviews for some lovely, lovely Skinn lip gloss; Leticia at Tech Savvy Mama for System Mechanic to help my PC run faster; and, Stacy at The Fabulous Miss S for the Milk Bank breast milk feeding and storage system.*

So, am I right that winning those three contests increased your perception of my luckiness? If you knew that there were several more I entered but did not win would that diminish your opinion?

*OMG seriously. The babies are on the mind.* Not only did I enter this contest for a breast milk feeding and storage system, I also purchased a little pink tutu on clearance at Target. Like this one but pink and only $2. I totally justified the tutu with the fact that, well it was only $2, and also, I know several people currently pregnant who could have girls who I could give this tutu to. (Why didn't I buy 2 then I could have written these two tutus to. Ha ha!) But, I probably won't give it away. It is just so freaking adorable and I am going to hug it and squeeze it and wish on it. Because I do so want a girl. I am unabashedly admitting it.

*ON the mind, not IN the belly, people. Not yet anyway.


  1. I completely think you are lucky,
    and I'm a believer in believing one is lucky= one will be lucky :)

    Good Luck,

    and Best of Luck !!

  2. You are most welcome! Thanks for being a loyal reader and I can't wait to read the Getting Lucky Part 2 post about the baby IN and not OUT! And yeah, I totally would have bought the $2 tutu too! :)


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