Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Elephant Parade

The Circus is in town! And, today they had to get the elephants from the circus trains to the venue. How else to accomplish this than to walk them through Washington, DC? I really had no idea what to expect but thought it would be something fun to see, so Lucas and I headed to Capitol Hill this morning for the Elephant Parade.

Here they come!

This was our view when they stopped to greet the crowd at Stanton Park. (I guess we were on the wrong side of the street!)

Lucas was SO excited. He wouldn't take his eyes off them for a second!

And, what's the take away from this awesome experience? It's that elephants go pee-pee and poo-poo in the street! That's right, folks, do you see fat ass there on the far right spreading his legs? Our wrong-side-of-the-street view got us front row action for elephant defecation! And, really, what could have delighted a 3 year old more? Nothing. Nothing at all. I will admit, it truly is a sight to see an elephant piss and shit on the street. Man oh man! Sure am glad I don't have to clean that up!

I've already heard about it about 100 times since 10:30am. And anticipate it being the #1 story of the afternoon and evening, too! That's always the case, isn't it? You can take a kid on a grand adventure, but you can't determine what the memorable take-away will be!

The ring master and a few clown cars came after the elephants.

I didn't get a pic of what was the last, but also the most important part of the parade: the street cleaners.

Lots of local mom bloggers have discount codes posted on their sites for circus tickets. Check out Jodifur or APISS or your other favorite local blogger (except me, why not me, Ringling??!!) for great deals to see the elephants--and the rest of the circus--in person!


  1. Yeah! I try and catch this in Boston each year, if they are in DC now, I better keep alert for their arrival in another month. The trains are parked on the tracks right on campus for the duration of the circus. It's always so fun and I can't help but "ahh" at the cute miniature horses. I'm so glad you took Lucas down to see it!

  2. I had no idea that this was going on right down the street from me this morning!

  3. You sound like nice people and probably are not aware of how utterly cruel this industry is for elephants and other captive animals. Circuses are notoriously abusive to their captive elephants and most, if not all, have been cited by the USDA for numerous violations of the animal welfare act. Visit www.elephants.com and www.pawsweb.org - both of these non-profit sanctuaries rescue elephants from circuses and zoos. In many cases, the US Department of Agriculture intervenes to remove elephants like the ones in your photo from circuses. Please do not patronize these events. The elephants are invariably miserable and mistreated. They stand in those trains for hours, often with insufficient water and food, in stifling conditions, chained by all four legs.

  4. Btw, Ringling is one of the circuses cited by the USDA and this circus is also being sued for elephant abuse.
    Have a look.


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