Monday, May 25, 2009

Lotion Overload

I realized this weekend that my post-shower moisturizing routine is totally out of control. I am currently using FOUR different moisturizers each and every day.

Immediately out of the shower, I apply Dove Energy Glow to my legs. Trust me, this is truly a public service I am performing. I'd hate to blind young children with my naturally white legs. I started this on the first hot day this spring and am slowly building up a bit of color on my legs. I like that the subtle nature of this product means that I don't have to be super-careful about application and don't end up with crazy streaks like the self tanners I've used in the past.

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Next, I apply Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion with SPF to my face and neck. I absolutely love the Seaweed line from the Body Shop and use the cleanser and exfoliator as well. This is my daily base SPF for my face but if I go to the park or am otherwise outside for more than a half hour, I add a 30+ SPF to my face and neck.

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Next, I apply a stronger SPF to my arms. Just a few weeks into summer and they are already quite freckly and reddish, at least from my shirt sleeve down.

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Finally, I apply a regular moisturizer to the front and back of my torso.

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These are the brands currently in my bathroom. I often swap out the Aveeno for the CVS or Target brands and have also used the Olay and Aveeno versions of the tanning lotion. I guess of this entire bunch the only brand I am truly loyal to is the Body Shop Seaweed line for my face.

Sure is a good thing I'm fairly low maintenance with my make-up and hair!

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  1. That's a lot of lotion...but it all seems essential to me. SPF rules!

  2. LOL-
    I do stuff like that too :)

    Good for you!
    Your skin will thank you !

  3. thats so funny... i love those products too. though, i have to say, my regimen is far less elaborate :). im a "shower once every 4-5 days, pull hair into ponytail, and shave my legs when my husband gets cut when I rub my shin against him" kind a gal. :)

  4. Ooh, i like the aveeno one. Makes me feel softer. Heard some thing about the bath and body works. Though my friend from ny mentioned their lotion I do hear a lot of
    good things on the sabon store. either way, cheers love!


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