Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yes, Lightning McQueen does need our prayers

Getting Lucas to stay in bed after we say good night and go downstairs is a constant struggle. Almost every night he thinks of something that requires our immediate attention and he gets out of bed, stands at the top of the stairs and yells down to us. We handle this by not acknowledging his request but going to the bottom of the stairs and firmly telling him good night, time to go to bed. Generally he complies and trots back to bed.

A few nights ago, however, we had the following exchange:

Lucas: Mama, Mama, Maaaa-maaaa
Smiling Mama: Good night, Lucas. Time to go to bed.
Lucas: Mama, Mama. I have something to tell you.
Smiling Mama: Good night, Lucas. Time to go to bed.
Lucas: But, Mama. Mama. Mama. We didn't say prayers.

How can I deny this request? He was right, it was late and I had cut some corners on the bedtime routine. I went up, he crawled into bed and we said prayers. They went something like this:

Smiling Mama: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Lucas: God Bless Lightning McQueen. God Bless Speed Racer. God bless Georgie.* God Bless...who else Mama?

Needless to say, I was happy to take it from there!

*Curious George


  1. my little guy would TOTALLY agree-

    it sounds like our house :)

  2. Isn't Owen Wilson Lightening McQueen? I like to say a little pray for Owen myself, he's so cute!

  3. My 2 yo prays for a babysitter he hasn't seen in months. And every night he takes a different toy with him to bed.


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