Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend wrap-up

This weekend we drove up to my parents' house for a mini family reunion and to walk in a Breast Cancer 5K in honor of my mom's successful battle with the disease. Here's a snapshot of the not-so-large and crazily-overcrowded house:

10 adults. 4 kids. 1 dog.
4 bedrooms.
2 bathrooms.
4 beds. 1 couch. 1 crib. 2 pack 'n plays. 2 air mattresses. 1 rug (the dog!).

The adults went to bed way too late and the kids woke everyone up way too early. Much beer was consumed and much food was eaten. A grand time was had by all.

Lucas adored the dog--a mastiff/lab mix who joined us courtesy of my cousin's boyfriend. I generally appreciate animals best from afar, but this weekend actually made me consider the fact that we might someday have to get Lucas a pet. (Notice there are still many qualifiers in that sentence!) At one point, Lucas was under the table with Hank and whispering in his ear: "I love you, Hank. You're my best friend." It was freaking adorable. He also truly enjoyed playing with his second cousins (or is that first cousins once removed?), including 5yo Benjamin whose name he was saying in his dreams!

I had some great quality time with some of my favorite cousins--something we truly don't get enough of these days now that we have families and are spread far apart.

The only bummer is that Lucas's allergies were horrible. We were in two Fridays ago with wheezing and an ear infection and the doctor warned us that things would get worse when the rain stopped. Boy, did they ever. The poor guy was such a wreck. We went back to the doctor yesterday morning and Lucas is now on a pretty heavy regime of nebulizer, allergy medicine, nose spray and eye drops. Whew! The worst part is that the doctor suggested keeping him indoors as much as possible--a true challenge for a kid who would be outside all day if we let him.

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend, save Lucas' troubles. Poor little dude, good thing his mama takes good care of him.

    I am so sorry you didnt have your new Milkshake CD for the drive - I meant to bring to the DCMM Good Stuff event and totally spaced - will send this week!



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