Friday, February 12, 2010

Flying Solo

Nathaniel turned one month old yesterday. One month! Poor second kid. I'm not even writing about that. I did draft a post about it--about him--in my head and even started actually writing it. But, this isn't that post because if I write that post today it will end up basically being about how I am totally exhausted today because the little bugger was awake and fussy--and yes, mom, I tried to let him fuss and cry for several minutes, several very long minutes, at a time before picking him up--from 3:30am until 5am last night. The night before my first day at home ALONE all day long with both boys. A fact that I basically had a panic attack about last night. I mean HELLO how in the world am I expected to be home alone with both boys? Home. Alone. Two. Boys.

Okay, okay, I knew this day was coming. Obviously we planned for and wanted to have a second child so I wanted this day to come. But that doesn't mean I still wasn't scared out of my shit about it being here. And, in my defense, I didn't expect it to come for several more weeks. Abel's work very generously has said he is welcome to work from home through the end of February. And, I assumed that when Abel did go back to work Lucas would be at school for a large portion of the day. But, for various reasons, Abel felt like he really needed to show his face at the office today--another snow day--and so I ended up Home. Alone. Two. Boys. two weeks earlier than expected.

But, it went okay. Maybe better than okay. Maybe well.

We watched a movie in our PJs, played Animal Scramble, made some homemade gummi candy, ate lunch from Lucas's lunchbox (he was SO EXCITED about this--clearly school has been out for waaay too long!). Then Lucas went for a nice long play date and Nathaniel was a fussy wussy the entire time. Meaning no nap for me. And so now I'm totally exhausted (well, I was totally exhausted at 10am and 3pm and 7pm, too) and I'm sitting here blogging waiting for the baby boy to wake up and eat again so we can all go to sleep. For a few hours, at least.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow I'm totally sleeping in. And then maybe Nathaniel will get the one month post he deserves.

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  1. Oh, I remember the first time I was home all alone with my youngest two- my daughter was 18 months old and my son was a few days old. My oldest went to school, hubby went to work and I was completely confounded. :) Soon enough we found our rhythm and things began to run smoothly... well, as smoothly as possible, that is. :)

    Good luck to you Aimee!! You'll do wonderfully.

  2. Oh, I know that feeling! My daughter was only 15 months when my son was born and my husband is in the navy and was gone a week after his birth for 8 months, I almost went insane. But now, my daughter is 3 now my son is 2 and I just had my second boy 13 weeks ago and my husband left for a 6 month deployment 1 week before he was born. I know how hard it is with young kids and doing it all by yourself, it sounds like you do great though. As one sleep deprived mother to another, "hang in there" :)


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