Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What was I saying?

My brain is like a sieve these days. I am serious. I can't tell you how many blog post topics I've thought of only to have them disappear the moment I sit down.

On Saturday, I started an e-mail with the intention asking the person one question and telling her two other things. I got as far as typing the person's name before I promptly forgot the question, remembered one of my two points and forgot the second one.

Yesterday I went through some recipes and wrote a grocery list, went to the grocery store* and could not for the life of me remember what the ingredients were for. (This was important because I couldn't find 3 things and couldn't remember if they were for the same dish or different dishes and was thinking that if I shouldn't get the produce x dish called for until I had the missing ingredients, too. I remember reading a tip on this blog to write the name of the dish next to each ingredient to avoid such situations. I remembered that tip--too late, of course--but had no idea what I planned to make!)

And, now, of course, I have no idea what the point of this post was.

I'll blame it on the sleep. Er, the lack thereof. Darling little Nathaniel is still only going about 2.5 or 3 hours between feedings at night. And of course I'm not napping. And I KNOW I should be, so don't even bother to write it in the comments (okay write it, maybe I'll listen). Our mornings without Lucas speed by so fast and then he's home and forget a nap at that point.

The hardest part right now is that Nathaniel is being a pain in the butt about nursing. He is only eating for a few minutes and sometimes only on one side. Then, it appears to me that he's still hungry but he refuses to latch in favor of pulling away and screaming. I've already cut out all dairy (including chocolate--man do I love this kid!), I have him positioned so he's upright, and I make sure he get a good burp in between sides. I really don't think it is gas at this point (though it may have been part of it before I cut out dairy): he just won't eat. My brilliant idea of the morning (I have a new theory every few hours!) is that I am nursing too often. So, I held him off from eating for four hours and he ate like a champ. Woo hoo! Then, I did it again and he was back to his old games. I really do feel like this theory has merit, though, so I'm going to keep trying for today. Any other ideas?

*Darn you, Trader Joes and your tiny little carts! I had to strap Nathaniel into the Bjorn to go there with him. What a pain! And, thanks a lot, fellow patrons, for giving me any sort of courtesy at all. Don't you think it's tough to grocery shop with an infant strapped to your chest? Maybe, just maybe, you can move a bit so I don't have to wrangle the cart even more than necessary?

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  1. That's a great idea to write the name of the recipe right next to the ingredients--I need to do that too.

    Can't offer advice on the nursing issue, but best of luck!:)

  2. So frustrating! Seriously, what more can you do? You made the milk and you're offering it right from the tap! I have to remind Lydia that she has to put a little effort in occasionally. She also developed a really fun un-latching snap that she does from time to time to keep things interesting.


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