Friday, February 26, 2010

Favorite Things Friday: Jasmere

I first heard about Jasmere from Jessica at A Parent in Silver Spring. Then, I read more about it from Leticia at Tech Savvy Mama. I thought, if those two uber-cool bloggers are both talking about the same thing then then I must check it out. Boy, am I glad I did!

You can read all the details about how Jasmere works here but the short version is that they search out really cool, unique products and offer one each day for sale on their site. The cool part is that the products start out at at least 50% off but the prices will often go down depending on how many people buy! So, let's say you click on the offer at 10am and decide to buy it at the 50% off price, then you (and others!) tell your friends about it and more people buy later that day, the price drops to 60% off. You (and everyone else!) will be charged the 60% off price! Each deal lasts for only 24 hours so you should either plan to visit the site daily or sign up for their e-mail list to get that day's deal delivered to your inbox so you never miss the daily feature.

I have already ordered one Jasmere daily feature and have been tempted by several more! If you love finding unique products and love a deal then you must join Jasmere today!

As with all my Favorite Things Friday posts, Jasmere is something I really like and want to share with my readers. As a current subscriber and customer, I was recently invited to join their referral program. So, if you click on one of the Jasmere links above, become a member and then later make a purchase, I'll get a $10 credit. Of course, you can join the e-mail list without actually becomming a member. And, honestly, I was planning to feature Jasmere even before I got their e-mail about the referral program because I have been enjoying the site so much. Heck, if you want to join Jasmere without me getting credit, I won't mind a bit.

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  1. I'm so glad you are loving Jasmere! I'm tempted by their offerings every day! It is so deadly but the prices and selection are fabulous!


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