Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Days!

I almost hate to write this post for fear that as soon as I do my power will go out. BUT, I'm writing it anyway. We're having a GREAT time in SnOMG 2010 or Snowpocalipse 2010 or whatever you are calling it.


Maybe it's because I'm on maternity leave and therefore have pretty much no place to be, but I'm really enjoying these very relaxed days.

So far, Lucas and I have made Valentines, we've played inside a lot and played outside a lot. Sure, shoveling a gazillion pounds of snow from our sidewalks and from around our cars was very hard work, but Sunday afternoon it seemed like our whole block was out shoveling and it really was a beautiful sunny day. In a way it was like a block party--everyone was stopping to chat and helping everyone else out.

In the past 48 hours we've had three neighbors call to let us know they were venturing out to the grocery store and ask if we needed anything. And, we've had play dates with 2-7 other kids--and their parents (and hot cocoa and beer!) at our house and three other houses (all within walking distance!).

Due to the valiant efforts of our town's public works crew, all our streets look great. In fact, residents have been coordinating snowplow picked-up and sled-delivered meals for the workers who have been sleeping at Town Hall in order to keep the plows going in constant cycles.

Now, it hasn't been all fun times. I went a little stir-crazy on Saturday after Lucas and Abel went sledding for 5 hours, leaving me stuck inside with the babe all day. But, I realized that I had also not left the house all day on Friday, either, and a nice brisk walk through our snow-covered neighborhood Saturday night helped cure my cabin fever. And, our furnace stopped working yesterday afternoon which led to a pretty chilly evening. But, we had one space heater and neighbors quickly brought over another so our bedrooms were nice and toasty last night. Abel got someone over to fix it for relatively cheap first thing this morning.

Now that the snow is coming down again, we're looking forward to more sledding and play dates and cookies and hot cocoa and beer. (Well, no beer for me. Or, maybe just one!)

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  1. I love the snow days too! I am keeping my fingers crossed for the entire week off of work!


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