Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Even Mantis has those...thingies*

Inspired by Morning Light Mama I purchased this live Praying Mantis egg case from Insect Lore. It arrived last week and we're anxiously awaiting the hatching of 75-200 Praying Mantis larvae!

We'll release them into the back yard, where, if they find enough food to eat, they should happily stay for the summer. They're considered voracious eaters and so I'm hoping they gobble up all the bugs in the back yard--especially the horrible mosquitoes! But mostly, I am really hoping to encounter a 5" mantis in a few months. You may think I'm strange but I think they are incredibly stately and elegant!

*Bonus points if you leave a comment with the movie that's from!

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  1. Kung Fu Panda but back up- do they really eat mosquitoes? Because if they do I'm ordering some larvae, too!

  2. I'm with Robin. Do they really eat mosquitoes? I might need me some praying manti.

  3. Is this what mothering boys does to you? Or would you have ordered this even if you didn't have sons? I do hope they eat your mosquitoes!

  4. YAY!! We bought two egg cases this year, and I'm checking them religiously each day. Last year it took about 6 weeks for them to hatch. Sadly, I stopped seeing them around our garden after about 5 weeks. Hopefully they did help for a while with the mosquitoes, because they are really terrible around our house, too. That's why we doubled our order this year. :) Can't wait to see pics when they hatch!


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