Friday, April 6, 2012

You Are Welcome

In case you didn't realize it, the ONLY thing standing between the DC region and a March snowstorm (or heck, any snowstorm at all this winter!) was the fact that these boots have been sitting in the shoe tray next to our front door since December. You are welcome!

I thought about putting them away about 100 times this winter but always hesitated out of the certainty that as soon as they were put away it would snow.

I finally put them away last night.

So if we get a freak April snow, you'll know why.

Original post by Smiling Mama. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Last year I laundered all the winter coats and snowpants, and put away all the boots, and that same week we had a big storm. Grr. This year, I'm not putting those coats/boots/pants away until I get out the swimming suits.


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