Thursday, April 5, 2012

Simple Easter Mantle

Abel and the boys were gone last night for a quick overnight trip and I was looking forward to getting out our Easter decorations. We don't have much, but do have a few cute things. I was SO bummed when I realized that the Easter box was in our attic and not our basement storage room. Our attic is accessible via an opening in our bedroom closet and not only is it a real hassle to access, it would be nearly impossible for me to do it on my own.

What do to? What to do?

I ended up putting together this sweet and simple mantle decor in about 30 minutes. I love it!

The eggs are the backs of my lovely-but-outdated Moo business cards. I've held onto them because those designs are so beautiful and I knew I'd use them somewhere. I picked out about six of the most springy designs and free-hand cut them into egg shapes. Then I taped them onto some yellow and white baker's twine. (I still have at least 50 cards left -- can't wait for inspiration to strike again!)

Then I filled up two mason jars with colorful jelly beans and a third with some green paper filler.

I'll have to enjoy it while I can -- as soon as the boys are back they'll be clamoring for those jelly beans!!

In case you're curious, the photo on the left is of Abel's maternal grandparents on their wedding day. The one on the right is of the hotel my paternal grandfather owned. I love having two beautiful pieces of family history on display!

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