Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A bit of Paris on Capitol Hill

I love my brother dearly but my constant gripe is that he lives relatively close but rarely comes for a visit. He and Lucas adore each other and I really wish he'd visit more often.

This past weekend, however, he graced us with his presence for a quick overnight. We had a really nice time and I know both he and Lucas especially loved hanging out with each other.

If there's one thing in Washington, DC that Eric loves, it's Eastern Market on Capitol Hill. Saturday was absolutely beautiful so we headed over for a nice afternoon stroll. I had to stop at my favorite vendor--a woman who sells European greeting cards 3 for $2! They are always super-cute and I got 9 fabulous cards for only $6. Take that Hallmark!! Eric picked up a crazy piece of art, spending considerably more at $75 but still relatively cheap for an oil-painting that he really liked (not quite my taste but, hey, eye of the beholder, right?).

By far the best discovery of the afternoon, however, was a new (or new-to-us) Crepes at the Market stand. OMG--amazingly delicious! We walked by the stand (and long line!) a few times before finally succumbing to the wonderful smells and literally got the last two crepes of the day--lucky us! Eric picked up a turkey, spinach and cheese crepe; Lucas, Abel and I shared a nutella crepe.

It was a great way to enjoy a beautiful day and one of our favorite places in DC!

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