Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One Hundred

One hundred cans of soup...

One hundred pennies...


I can hardly believe it! When I started this in July I figured I'd just be talking to myself. Well, in fact, I was just talking to myself because I didn't tell a soul about it. For weeks. And weeks. Then I told Abel. Then a few friends. Then my mom. Then my sister. Then more friends.... And a few people found me (I think) and a few people commented. And, don't get me wrong, I LUV me some comments, but I realized it isn't about the readers (but I LUV LUV LUV you all!!!) but about just putting fingers to keyboard and thoughts to screen. And about capturing all those little thoughts and little moments that fly by sooooooo quickly.

So, cheers to me for 100 blog posts! Hope you'll stick around for 100 more because I plan to!

Faithfully yours,
Smiling Mama


  1. Congratulations! How quickly the posts add up:). I am definitely in for the next 100.


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