Thursday, March 13, 2008

Springtime of the Toddler

I've always loved spring. Who doesn't? Warmer weather, more sunlight, fresh rain, new blooms. The world awakens! It is dawning on me that, for me, this spring will bring entirely new delights to my life. This spring I am officially the mother of a toddler. A toddler boy. A toddler boy who is obsessed with dirt and sticks. Although I love and appreciate nature, I'm generally not a down-and-dirty kind of nature girl. And so I am consciously making some spring resolutions...
  • This spring I promise to not be bothered by muddy knees or bottoms or elbows.
  • Dirty fingernails will be viewed evidence of an afternoon well-spent.
  • Rainy days will be opportunities to practice jumping and splashing.
  • Muddy patches of ground will allow for the perfection of our mud pie recipe.
  • Garden mulch will--no must--be moved via the back of small dump trucks.
  • I will appropriately marvel over collections of sticks, stones and all other manner of nature.
This spring may require additional stain-fighting power, changes of clothes and scrubbed fingernails, but I am confident that the additional fun will make up for all of that.

Come on Spring, we're ready!!!

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