Monday, March 17, 2008

To Do: Make To Do List

I love lists!

And when I saw this on sk*rt I knew I immediately had to go make one!

To Do lists are my favorite kind of lists. I make them for myself, my husband and, occasionally, my friends. And those lucky people I supervised at work--they definitely got lists! (This is past tense because I currently do not supervise a soul--how nice!)

Putting tasks into list form helps me feel more in control of all the stuff I have to do. Somehow just having my list down on paper lets me relax.

I almost always try to include at least one task that is already accomplished which I can cross off immediately. That way, no matter how long my list is, I already am off to a strong start! (I do believe I learned this trick from my friend Caroline in college!)

So if you love lists as much as I do, definitely go make your own card. Better yet, share your favorite medium for keeping track of lists!

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