Monday, March 10, 2008

Spoil me

Okay Internet, I need some help. You see, Abel and I got out to our first movie of 2008 on Saturday. (Mom was visiting!) We basically high-tailed it out of the house and picked the movie whose start time was closest to our ticket-purchase time.

The Bank Job

The problem? The power went out in the entire movie theatre about 2/3 of the way through the film. We sat there in almost-total darkness for about 10 minutes until someone finally told us that the situation was unlikely to improve but they'd give us free vouchers. Ugh!

The movie was okay but I definitely don't want to sit through the first 2/3 again just to see the end. So, I'm looking for a spoiler. We got as far as the thieves actually getting into the vault. Did you see it? How did it end? Do tell!

Best line of the night: from a few rows back after the power died "Cellphones: the flashlights of the 21st Century."

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