Monday, October 27, 2008

Cancel on me, please!

Last night my friend called me to cancel our play date for this morning. While she felt horribly guilty for doing it at the last-minute, I actually felt a bit of relief when I listened to her voicemail message.

Don't get me wrong, my son and I very much look forward to the chance to talk (me) and play (him) with our good buddies. We live a solid 40 minute drive from our friends but have done a good job of getting together once a month, alternating our visits, over the past two years. Lucas and his little buddy get along really well. They're both rough and tumble boys and they each love the new-to-them abundance of trucks and trains at the other's house.

Two weeks ago, I had a lunch scheduled with a good friend during my only possible window for a weekday lunch--at 1pm on my half day of work. At 8am that morning, she e-mailed to cancel. A former colleague, boss, mentor and all-around good friend, I very much look forward to our rare lunches. Yet, I wasn't crushed that she cancelled. In fact, I was a bit excited about it!

If this play date and lunch were so highly anticipated, why in the world was their cancellation met with relief and excitement?

Because a canceled play date = a free morning and a cancelled lunch = a free afternoon!

I admit it: I over-schedule my our life. Plain and simple. Whenever I look at the calendar I always think that our schedule is do-able. Then, in the throws of packed days and meeting-filled nights, I long for some down time. Time to just hang out.

This morning's canceled play date meant lazing around in our jammies (while playing trucks, of course) and a chance to hop on-line to write this post. Canceled lunches give me time for solo-grocery shopping (any mom knows that is a true luxury!) or an afternoon nap (sometimes a necessity!). And when the cancellation comes at the last minute, there is almost no chance I'll be able to fill it up again. That's an added bonus!

So here's a message to all my friends: I do love spending time with you and thoroughly look forward to our get-togethers. But, don't feel guilty if you have to cancel, especially at the last minute. You're really giving me a gift. (But, let's be sure to reschedule soon: I'm pretty booked for the next few weeks!)

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BananaBlueberry said...
I agree :) I love the occasional day when we stay in pjs and play trucks! Life is so nice and relaxing- while seeing it through your little one's eyes !

Diana said...
Now I'm tempted to schedule a play date with you guys and see if you cancel! :)

Wife and Mommy said...
Hanging out in jammies is a luxury that happens less and less as my kids get older. Must schedule days in to just laze about!

Robin said...
Couch potatoe days are our favorite!

Shannon said...
Even better: when they cancel via e-mail/voicemail/text, and you don't have to actually talk to them and conceal your secret excitement!

April said...
you can schedule me for whenever you like - and then pretend I called to cancel!

Claire Jess said...
I have felt this so often - love my time with people/at activities but also love the surprise free time that just can't get too full because it lands in your lap so late.

Original post by Smiling Mama. Thanks for reading!

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