Monday, October 20, 2008

Potty Training

Warning: Potty talk ahead.

While at BlogHer DC it dawned on me that I am officially a "mommy blogger" and I also realized that isn't a bad thing. But, now I'm going to have to admit that I'm a terrible mommy blogger.


Lucas has been potty training for more than a week and I haven't blogged about it once!!

I think it is a case of superstition. It is all going so well. I just kept thinking that if I blogged about how well it was going then certainly the next day it would all go down hill and fast. So, here I am blogging about it and totally expecting tomorrow to be terrible.

But, until now, it really has been okay.

Abel has really been pushing the potty training for a while--months, actually. I kept blowing him off saying that boys aren't ready until closer to 3. Well, folks, we're 2 months away from 3 and so that argument just wasn't holding water anymore. Two weekends ago Abel got up with Lucas on Saturday morning and just didn't put a diaper on him. When I woke up and questioned it he said he wanted to start potty training. It was time. I started to protest but then did a quick mental calculation. It was Saturday. Monday was Columbus Day and I'd be off at BlogHer DC all day. Tuesday and Wednesday I'd work all day; Abel was planning to take the week off (well-deserved after his recent work craziness). I'd be a fool to put my foot down--after all, he'd be home the bulk of the week, not me.

And so we began.

Saturday and Sunday we stayed very close to home (Lucas never left our property) and did the naked-from-the-waist-down method (though he did wear shorts in our backyard). During the first 48 hours we had 1 puddle, 2 poops on the carpet (hallelujah FLOR carpet tiles!) and 1 poop outside.

Not too bad.

This past week and weekend he's only had 3 pee accidents. One of those was on a car-ride and we just couldn't pull over quick enough so I take full responsibility for that one. He does wear a diaper during his nap and at night and seems to be waiting to poop for that diaper. So, we'll see how that goes.

Part of me is totally excited about all this. He'll be 3 in December and is just such a big boy. I love that! On the other hand, diapers are just so easy. I'm really not looking forward to the inevitable instances of leaving a grocery cart to run to the nearest bathroom or taking the potty seat to the park to have it easily accessible.

It's always an adventure, isn't it?


  1. Ha Ha Ha! puddles and poops on the carpet? I'm glad I didn't pick this week to visit. :) Good Luck!!!

  2. if it was so easy you didn't blog about it then I might hate you a little. We have been potty training since july.


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