Friday, October 10, 2008

Methinks the toddler doth protest too much

Yesterday morning Abel and I were scrambling to get out the door. I was drying my hair and Abel was packing up Lucas's lunch. Lucas was in the living room playing with some trucks when suddenly he announced, quite loudly, "I not poo poo."

Darn! Add in a few extra minutes to change a dirty diaper.

You see, lately the surest sign that Lucas needs a diaper change is when he announces that he doesn't.

Same goes for him needing a nap or to go to bed. For example, on the drive home from the airport earlier this week Lucas was literally nodding off--his eyes would close, head drop down. Then, suddenly he'd jerk his head back up and open his eyes widely to announce, "I not tired." Sure, buddy. You're not tired at all.

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