Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Go Pink with Let's Dish

One year ago my mom had just finished her treatments for breast cancer. Now she's 100% back to her old self and busy, busy, busy.

One of the most amazing things about her diagnosis and subsequent treatments is how her friends truly rallied around her. The teachers at her school (where she's worked for more than 20 years) took turns doing special things for her. They even pooled money to fly my sister in from San Diego for a visit. There were gifts of books and tea, candy and lotions, slippers and bathrobes.

But perhaps most comforting was the food.

My parents were inundated with food. And, it was wonderful. Anytime my mom had an appetite, there was a great home-cooked meal waiting in the fridge. My dad didn't have to cook. Whenever Lucas and I visited, we could just enjoy our time with my mom and share in the bounty of comfort meal goodness supplied by her friends. My mom has been such a good friend to so many others throughout the years that there was almost too much food. We had to start "scheduling" the deliveries for every few days because my parents (especially when my mom was nauseous) simply couldn't consume the abundance of generosity brought to their door.

I realize, however, that not every breast cancer patient is as lucky as my mom. That's why I'm excited about Go Pink with Let's Dish.

Several friends and I went to Let's Dish back in January (I can't believe it's been so long. I have GOT to get back there ASAP!) and Abel and I thoroughly enjoyed having our freezer stocked with great easy and delicious meals. Through their Pink Dish! Campaign, Let's Dish is providing meals--at no cost--to families living with breast cancer.

There are many easy ways you can support their effort--sign up for an October Let's Dish session or purchase retail items and they'll make donations to the program. Blog about it (like me!) and they'll make donations to the program. Know a woman or a family living with breast cancer? Nominate them to receive free Let's Dish meals. You can also share a story or make an e-dedication at their website.

Thanks, Let's Dish, for providing this most basic comfort to women and families living with breast cancer. Let's all join in to help them do even more.


  1. What a great program! I'd love to return to Let's Dish if you're ever up for it!

  2. Aim,
    I seriously can't keep up with you and all the wonderful things you are part of. :)


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