Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

After a rough morning, Friday got considerably better in the afternoon. I got Lucas down for a nap and as I was eating lunch the water people came back. Apparently the woman from the morning team went back to the office and talked with her supervisor about their inability to install the remote reader at our house. He suggested that she bring another better technician out because they really should be able to install it. Voila! It was super easy and now I won't have to read my own meter and send in the little postcard every three months.

After Lucas woke up, I told him that we were going to gymnastics! He got SO excited. Note: I told him 1 hour before we were supposed to leave (after calling to confirm the building was open and open gym taking place!). The hook was that he had to pee in the potty 2 times before we left. Success! He had an awesome time.

Abel was home when we got back (approx. 5:45pm) and he immediately took over Lucas-duty so I could change and freshen up for our fantabulous DC Metro Moms party that night. It was so fun--great transportation (Chevy Traverse sponsored it and we all drove to and from in several Traverses), great food, great wine and most importantly, great people. It was so fun to hang out with old friends and meet some of the awesome bloggers I've been reading for months.

Saturday night my friends Summer and Ike got married. Torrential rains (and moving the ceremony from outside on the water to inside) didn't dampen the festivities a bit. I wore this new dress (mine is black, however):

Isn't it beautiful?! I just love it! I'll also wear it to a December wedding (with absolutely no over-lapping guests) so I did splurge on it. But, I just loved wearing it and it was especially fun to dance in--all those little ruffles move a bit! This past week was so busy I didn't think about accessories until about 2 hours before the wedding. I'll definitely need to put more thought into my shoes, jewelry and bag before December.

Sunday night Abel went over to Virginia to see (and buy!) a cute toddler bed for Lucas. We've really been debating what to do about his sleeping situation. At almost-three, Abel feels he should be out of the crib. The problem is that his nursery is quite small and a twin bed wouldn't leave much room. Eventually when we have a second baby Lucas will move into the current guest room to use the current double-bed (so we can kick him out and let guests sleep there when they come). So, I didn't want to buy a twin bed and mattress which he'd use for a (hopefully!) short time in the nursery and I'm certainly not ready to give up the guestroom yet. We saw this adorable cherry (to match his other nursery furniture) toddler bed for $70 on Craigslist and got it for $50. I feel like that is a great solution as the toddler bed fits his current crib mattress and will be easy to store down the road.

Tomorrow is Abel's 34th birthday so I'll be busy baking a cake tonight!


  1. and... another good thing about the weekend was that Mom came down????

  2. awesome dress! Great to see you fri. night.

  3. Was so much fun hanging out with you again. Looks like we should just have another DCMM partay so you can wear that dress!

  4. Great dress! Definitely want you to make an appearance in it at our next event and BTW- we need to come up with a better way of how we knew each other pre-blogging a la you and Caffienated!

  5. LOVED seeing you -separated-at-birth :)

    I also LOVE the dress!

    xo to you-Smiling Mama!

  6. Wonderful to meet you Friday night! Nice dress!!


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