Monday, November 10, 2008

A bit of domesticity

Recently the community over at Shannon's Rocks in My Dryer blog was commenting about all the things they do with their dishwasher. It was crazy. I mean I get cleaning dishes, pots, pans, pet dishes and was even with them as far as swim goggles and the lid of the trashcan. But a computer keyboard and shoes? Now that's just crazy. Apparently you can even cook in your dishwasher--salmon or potatoes.

Not only was I a little incredulous when reading these few posts, I was also quite jealous. In my entire life, I've had approximately 2 years of dishwasher use. The apartment Abel and I lived in after we got married but before we bought our house had a dishwasher and that is the first--and only--time I've ever had one. It was really old and really loud, and I'm sure it used a TON of water. But, I loved it.

So even though I don't have any dishwasher tips to share with you. (Go here and here for those.) I do have an appliance tip for you and it came to me as I was cleaning my shower this weekend.

First some business: if you are the kind of person who regularly wipes down the shower curtain liner when you clean your shower, this tip is not for you. In fact, why don't you just meander over here where I'm certain you'll be much more comfortable.

Okay, now that they're gone, this tip is for you. I know your shower curtain liner gets pretty yucky. Nothing to be embarrassed about, mine does to. Now, what would I have done about this in the past? Well, I would have thrown it away and purchased another cheap-o $1.99 liner.

But, what do I do about it now?

I put the liner in the washing machine!

That's right, just take it down and throw it in. It comes out all "clean and shiny" (Lucas's new favorite phrase--"look Mama, I'm all clean and shiny!") Here's what I do--I put it in by itself (really, I don't want that gross shower gunk to get on anything else, do I?), on a small load and with warm water (I'm sorta' scared the hot would be too much, it is vinyl after all) a lot of detergent (more than what you'd put in for a small load normally) and a splash of bleach (now that I've gone green with all my cleaners I really avoid bleach, but in this case feel it is warranted).

When it is finished washing, take it out slowly--there will still be some water hanging around in the folds--let it drip out into your washer and put it into a towel to take to your bathroom (or you'll leave a trail of water behind you). Just hang it up and it will drip dry into the shower.

Voila! It is like you have a brand new shower liner!

And so concludes Smiling Mama's pretense of domesticity!


  1. You are absolutely kidding me!! I too, have thrown away many a shower liner over the years because I can never get it clean. I can't wait to try this. Thanks for the tip!

  2. how odd is it that I also blogged about a dishwahser today?


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