Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The editors of this blog would like to make a clarification. Abel's symptoms, which led him to go to the doctor earlier this week, included, but were not limited to, the following: multiple sneezes, numerous moderate-to-severe episodes of coughing, and chills which may have indicated a feverish state. The author would like to further clarify that she has been known to visit the doctor herself, before death occurs. The mention of "two sneezes" v. "I'm dying" in this post was not a true fact but rather was meant to illustrate that the author's husband is generally more quick to visit a doctor than the author herself is. While occasionally the author may poke fun at her husband for being a "wimp" when it comes to being sick, she acknowledges that sometimes it is good to have him to balance her d0-not-ever-go-to-the-doctor tendencies, for example, back in May when he forced her to go to the doctor and if she had not, she may have, in fact, died.

And, since we are clearing the air here, the author would like to clarify that despite the fact that this post may have led you to believe that the author herself cleaned the shower/bathtub on this particular day, that is not correct. In fact, the author's husband cleaned the shower on that particular day. The author would like to point out, however, that she did put the liner into the washing machine. And, that 99.9% of the time that the shower gets cleaned it is due to her personal efforts.

Also, despite what the second word of this post may lead you to believe, there are no "editors" of this blog, just the author herself.

Readers of Smiling Mama can be assured that no creative license is taken with this blog. All stories are 100% true and accurate as reported. You have a very strict quality control reader in the author's husband.

(You know, Confession is sacrament non grata among Catholics these days, and generally misunderstood by non-Catholics. But, one thing about confessing your sins is that you sure do feel good afterwards!)


  1. I'm so glad all this was "cleared-up"! I wonder who took issue with your posts????
    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are all feeling better and going to enjoy a wonderful meal.

  2. This is such an unintended consequence of your husband reading your blog!! The next time Abel attempts to be your editor, you should tell him to start his own blog!


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