Monday, November 3, 2008

Speed Racer

Lucas's Speed Racer costume came together better than I ever imagined--isn't he adorable? It was our first real Halloween with him--trick-or-treating and the whole nine yards and he absolutely loved it.

As I previously blogged, the entire costume came from the local thriftstore for about $13. Most people would never guess that Abel is the more meticulous of the two of us, but he totally is. He used electrical tape and a razor blade to make the awesome and totally accurate "M" and "5" logos. It all looked so professional that one mom in our playgroup thought it was store bought!

Lucas wore the costume for our Friday morning playgroup halloween party, Friday night trick-or-treating and our town's Saturday morning parade and party. By about 1pm on Saturday the shirt was juice-stained, the pants grass-stained and the racing stripes peeling off!!

Go Speed Racer Go!


  1. Lucas looks awesome! I am so impressed!

  2. That's an awesome costume! Huge props to Abel for his craftiness and you for finding everything at the thrift store. Amazing! Hope you had a great Halloween!


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