Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wellness? Ha! Ha!

Within hours of hitting "post" on my previous post which said, "we're finally starting to see the light--the light of wellness" the Internet was all mwahahahahahaha silly, silly girl and laid me low. Did you get my mental blog messages that said woe is me, I think I am dying cause I was definitely sending them out. I got Lucas's virus x4. I truly think there is some sort of relationship between kid germs and the adult who catches them. Like that they grow in strength when transmitted to an adult by the size difference between kid and adult. So, for example, if I am 4x the size of Lucas then the virus gets 4 times as strong when it comes into my system. Luckily Abel--who is like, I've sneezed twice, must see the doctor, unlike me who is like I'm dying but what is the dr. going to do about it?--went to the dr. and got a miracle elixir. Which, though I did not actually see said dr., I also took because I mean we have the same symptoms (except mine are worse, clearly). This miracle elixir has allowed me to go for 18 hours without a coughing fit that made me vomit. Previously I was going approx. 45 minutes without one such attack. And, I have now eaten 2! meals! without (see above). So, I think that I will not die. But, I'm not going to say that out loud just in case the Internet wants to be all mwahahahahaha again after I hit post. (Also, above mentioned elixir is making me a bit loopy to apologies if this all makes no sense.)

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