Friday, September 4, 2009

Favorite Things Friday: 20x200

Ideal Bookshelf 1, JMMby Jane Mount via 20x200

For today's edition of Favorite Things Friday, I bring you 20x200. I'm featuring it today for three reasons.

1) I just discovered it. (Although since the site has already been featured in the NY Times, Dwell, GQ and a million other places, I may just be the last person in the world to hear about it!)

2) I'm obsessed with the fact that the print above is sold out. How amazingly adorable would it be in our baby's nursery? Let me repeat: obsessed.

3) I was on the site for approximately 2 minutes when I felt the incredible urge to e-mail approximately 10 people about it. Thus, it fits the Favorite Things Friday criteria of something I want to shout about from the internet rooftop.

So the concept is simple: there are lots of artists and lots of people wanting to buy art--but how to connect the two? Each Tuesday and Wednesday at 2pm EST they offer new editions for sale. When they sell out, they're gone. (Like the one above. Sob.) 200 8x10 prints are $20 each and they go up in price as they go up in size.

But, holy cow, awesome artwork for $20? How can you beat that?

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  1. I haven't heard of this site, but thanks so much for introducing me to it! I'm definitely on the market for art.

  2. 20x200 is great! Check out - a similar concept, with a daily deal on fine art photography. 8x10s are only $10.


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