Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Born

More and more I am realizing that Lucas truly is a first-born child. He's already developed so many characteristics of an oldest child. (Of course, as an oldest myself, I see the many positive characteristics associated with this place in birth order!)

You already know how good he is with speaking up and introductions. He's a natural leader on the playground and also loves playing with older kids. Two recent incidents have made me realize that he can also take things in stride pretty darn well.

First, Lucas was talking about show-and-tell at school. What's this? I didn't know there was show-and-tell. I vaguely remember seeing something in some paper about future show-and-tell and that the kids shouldn't bring in items that could easily get lost, etc. But, I was waiting for further notification. According to Lucas, show-and-tell was already taking place so I asked Abel to ask the teachers about it the next day at drop-off. Here's Abel's report:

Yes, they have show-and-tell every Friday. And, Lucas somehow has managed to find something to talk about each week.

That totally cracked me up because it is so Lucas. If every other kid had something to talk about, you'd better believe he'd find something, too. I'm imagining that one week he might have talked about his new Lightening McQueen winter hat. Another week it might have been a stray rock from his pocket. And yet another Friday he may have told the class about his lunchbox. Now that we know that show-and-tell takes place each Friday, I'll remind him to take something special in each week.

Speaking of his lunchbox, I am still adoring the Laptop Lunchbox and think it is even more perfect for nursery school than it was for daycare. He can open it and there aren't any packages that need to be opened for him. (Not to mention no waste!) I always pack his lunch the night before, but lately I've been including a freshly cut pear for his fruit. Since I hate browning fruit myself, I wait until the morning to cut up and add the pear. Yesterday I totally forgot to put it in! The container I use for fruit actually has a lid and it was already in the lunchbox with the lid on so I assumed it was full. It wasn't. That afternoon after school, Lucas very matter-of-factly informed me that his blue container was empty. I apologized and asked if he was sad when he realized he didn't have any fruit. His response:

Yes. I was a little sad. But, in the meantime, I ate my other food.

In the MEANTIME??? Am I sending an 8 year old to nursery school or a 3 year old? Seriously.

I try hard not to fall down on the job very often, but I think whenever I do, this kid will be just fine.

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  1. Cheers to the first born! I have a special affinity for that group, myself:).

  2. this one had me laughing and smiling like a madwoman. I love that lucas had something for show and tell every week! I also love that he said "in the meantime, I ate my other food" -- I love that kid.

  3. You know I'm all about the oldest child. I can already see oldest child traits in Maevy. "in the meantime"!! That's hilarious!


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