Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The truth will come back to embarrass you in public

Understandably, Lucas has been very interested in the whole concept of this baby. Specifically, how in the world he is going to get out of my belly. (Thank goodness he hasn't been asking how he got IN.)

First, Lucas asked me if the baby came out of my mouth. Actually, he didn't really ask so much as state in a very incredulous tone that the baby didn't come out of my mouth, did it? That one was easy: no, the baby doesn't come out of my mouth!

Next, Lucas wanted to know just how he does come out. Again, I thought I had an easy answer: the doctor helps the baby come out. Unfortunately, that didn't quite cut it. If only I had a c-section with Lucas or was planning on one (hopefully not) with this baby, I could have agreed when he said, with wide eyes, "The doctor reaches into your belly to pull the baby out??"


So, I continued with my easy answers: "Mama has a special place the baby comes out of."

"What special place?"

Okay. So we've always used appropriate words with Lucas: penis, breasts and now...vagina.

"Mama has a special place called a vagina that the baby comes out of."

That seemed to satisfy Lucas. He does still ask and I respond that I have my special place called a vagina and the conversation is over. At least, our conversation is over. Lucas's conversation continues with just about everyone he meets. Here's how it goes:

"I was a baby in my mama's belly and I came out of her special place called a 'gina. Now she has another baby in her belly and he's going to come out her 'gina, too!!!!"

So far the kids at the park don't seem too fazed by this knowledge. The adults get a sort of embarrassed look and just smile and nod. And then I get a little bit of an embarrassed look and smile and nod as well.

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  1. Oh my! I really don't think I could handle having kids. That is so funny!

  2. Just the other day, my three year old was looking at a new DK book all about the human body. She was thrilled to show me that she found a picture that showed "a baby growing in a uterus just like "Pudge" did in yours, Mommy!!"

    I was so proud of her for recognizing this, and for the fact that she was able to just talk about this like any regular old body part or function. :)

  3. But the thing is, their kids have probably said the same thing if they have explained it to them!

  4. This makes me feel even luckier to have had c-sections! Although---it's a little tricky to explain, still, when they want to know EXACTLY HOW the doctor gets the baby out, and the word "scalpel" has to be used and defined.


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