Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wierd things

So there are all these bizarre things that happen to you when you're pregnant. I'd like to give you a few examples.

1) Excess saliva. I vividly remember when I was pregnant with Lucas being horrified that I was suddenly spitting at people as I talked. Basically every single one of my co-workers at the time should have said to me, "Say it don't spray it, girl." It was horrifying. (Did I already say that? Forgetfulness is also a problem.) Then, one day I read that you start to produce excess saliva during pregnancy. Ah ha! That's why I am spitting at people. This time around, I don't think I'm spraying as much. But, I am, literally, choking on my own spit. On a regular basis. It's embarrassing.

2) Gotta' go. Okay, everyone knows about pregnant women and the increased need to pee. (See above: there is increased overall fluid production.) But, the MOST BIZARRE thing is that there are times when I go from not having to pee at all to barely-able-to-make-it-50-feet-to-the-bathroom over the course of, oh, about 20 seconds. Then (yes, it gets worse) I sit down and NOTHING COMES OUT. Finally, I get a trickle, but certainly not enough to warrant such an extreme emergency. I do believe that baby decides to sit down on my bladder, making me think it is full and then he somehow blocks the exit when I'm on the pot. Bizarre.

3) Klutz Factor. I'm already a big klutz. It is a proven fact. Way back when we were engaged, Abel would joke to me that I wouldn't be allowed to carry our children up or down stairs because I so often tripped up or down them for no reason at all. Somehow my klutziness factor increases dramatically when I'm pregnant. I've taken to seriously holding on to hand rails on stairs. Not just skimming my hand along, but HOLDING ON as I walk up or down stair cases. I'm like an old lady.

I know there's more. What bizarre things happened to you during pregnancy?

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