Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Babe!

It's my 3rd October writing this blog and I've never written a "happy birthday" post to my darling hubby. I guess it's about time to correct that.

The big 3-5 will be a bit low-key this year. Partly because we're I'm counting Abel's expensive trip for an Ohio State football game earlier this season as his birthday present but mostly because it has snuck up on me in the middle of a very busy week. I don't think he minds, though. Celebrating at home with his requested meal and favorite cake and having Lucas sing "Happy Birthday dear Daddy" might just be the perfect celebration.

Where would I be in life without Abel? Probably a conservative librarian who looks spooked walking home from work in the evening (that's a reference to It's a Wonderful Life!). Seriously. Abel is so much that I'm not: he's every one's friend. He's the life of the party, just downright F- U-N. When Abel and I started dating, all his fraternity brothers made a point to tell me what a great guy Abel is, that he's their best friend. I didn't disagree but kind of figured this was a thing--you know, they had each other's backs when it came to girls. But then the long-term girlfriends of his frat brothers started telling me what a great guy he is and that he's such a great friend. Well, THAT got my attention.

Fast-forward about a million years and certainly the addition of about a million responsibilities and Abel is still a great guy, the guy everyone wants to be friends with. And he's also an amazing husband and father. I swear, he can do anything. Fix the car? Sure. Renovate our basement? Of course! Re-wire and install new lighting? Okay! Build a stone wall? Not a problem! Make Lucas an awesome Halloween costume? Yes!

In the daddy department, Abel is first-class. How lucky am I to be able to take off for entire afternoons, days and weekends without leaving so much as a list or a reminder behind? How incredible is it that this man, whose father brags about the fact that he's never changed a diaper, cares for Lucas in every way from giving him his first bath to changing countless diapers, to jump-starting the potty training? Pretty. Darn. Awesome.

So even though he drives me CRAZY very, very, very, very often, I wouldn't trade him for the world. Happy 35th birthday, babe. I look forward to many, many more!

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  1. Yay! Awesome post, Aimee. And Abel, I hope that you are reading this and that you have an amazing birthday.

  2. love this! I don't think you would have been a quiet librarian, but I certainly think your life is much improved with Abel as a huge part in it. :) Happy Birthday, Abe!

  3. Thanks, Babe! Dinner was great and I loved hanging out with you and Lucas...always do. It was a perfect birthday. Love you!

  4. He sounds wonderful. Happy birthday Abel!

    (and a fun husband who is also handy? pure gold)


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