Monday, April 13, 2009

Gonna' take my new ride to Target for a prescription and also maybe some 1/2 price Easter chocolate!

Oh my goodness, where do I begin?

First, we bought! a! new! car! Apparently, I won out because we are the proud new owners of a 2009 Toyota Sienna in slate metallic. OMG. I love it. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love it. This is the first new car I have ever owed five digits on owned. Ever. My parents got their first new car ever after I was away at college so I never even had a new car by proxy through them. It's fantastic. But, also quite disconcerting. Like, this teeny tiny little scratch. I mean, it wasn't there when we pulled out of the dealership, was it? I'm obsessed over it. Obsessed. And since I live in a major metropolitan area and since my workplace has the smallest parking spaces EVER and since we don't have a garage well, I am certain that there are more marks to come and I just can't stand that thought! How will I deal? So anyway. Abel thinks he could have played hardball a bit more (I was given strict orders to not say a word during the process. Not a word!) but we got the deal we needed to get for our trade-in and even are paying $5 below what I wanted for a monthly payment so I'm pretty happy with it all.

Second, we spent several hours of Easter Sunday afternoon in the after-hours urgent care place. Ugh. Lucas had a runny nose all week last week which, of course, turned into major cough/congestion on Thursday-ish (as we left town). We commenced nebulizer treatments hardcore but by Sunday Abel was totally freaked out that it was a recurrence of pneumonia. He called our pediatrician who recommended we not wait the measly 15 hours until Monday and take him somewhere. The thing is that my family is friends with no fewer than 3 physicians in our home town--good friends--but were any of them around to give a quick listen with the stethoscope? No. So, we headed off to urgent care only for him to tell us there was no wheezing, no pneumonia, nothing. The pediatrician this morning, however, did hear some wheezing but said we were doing exactly the right thing with the nebulizer treatments. And so there we are with that.

Third, I had oral surgery on Thursday and my mouth still hurts. I totally feel like a baby about it all, but I also feel like when your mouth hurts, even a little bit, it just effects everything else. Don't you agree? The short story is that I have had this tooth--this problem tooth--that had already had 2--two!--root canals and needed to come out. Plus there was some bone loss. And I'm nothing if not crazy about my teeth so wanted to get it taken care of. I went to an oral surgeon in DC, recommended by the dentist I love, and hated her. Literally left the office crying. CRYING! So, I decided to get it done in my hometown by the oral surgeon who took our my wisdom teeth approximately 17 years ago and who has done some work on my dad's mouth. He was so great in the consultation but what really sealed deal was the fact that he was charging me approximately 60% less than the fancy-DC-will-not-deal-with-insurance doc. Nice.

So, I got it done on Thursday and expected major pain that would last a day or two. What I got is very minor pain which has lasted 4 days now. And so I'm a little whiny about it. And the other thing I'm whiny about is that I left the large majority of my Easter candy at my parents' house so I wouldn't eat any more of it and now I really, really want some chocolate!


  1. Congrats on the new car! Can't wait to see it!!!

    And I hope that your mouth feels better soon. I agree with you. Mouth/tooth pain can be unbearable.

    Hope Lucas feels better too!

  2. Congratulations on your new ride and I hope Lucas feels better soon! It isn't any fun to have to take the new car to urgent care!

    BTW- We made cascarones after reading your post! So fun! Thanks!

  3. Congrats on the car! Mine is so scratched now. Ugh. And this weekend, I noticed a PIECE of the front grill MISSING?! Must fix that, but the scrathes and dings are unavoidable. But for now, yours is (relatively) pristine! Enjoy.


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