Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lunchtime adventures

You know that easy and delicious lunch I was talking about yesterday? The yummy tortellini salad leftovers I was soooo looking forward to? Well, I forgot it at home. I realized that about 10am, the time I generally break out my handful of almonds for a morning snack.


After weighing my options, I made the decision to drive back home over my lunch hour just to eat that lunch. Crazy, right? It takes 20 minutes to get home (without traffic) so the round trip drive only left me with 20 minutes to eat. Even as I was driving home, I was thinking that I was crazy! But, my only other options were the university dining hall (bleh) or a nearby Subway. If I was going to drive to and park at Subway, I may as well drive another 15 minutes to be home.

I called Abel on my way with the slight suspicion that he may have taken my lunch with him when he noticed it by the door. Here's our conversation:

Smiling Mama: Ugh, I left my lunch at home today!
Smiling Husband: I know, I'm about to eat it!
Smiling Mama: (Horrified) NOOOOOO! I'm on my way home!
Smiling Husband: Hurry up!
Smiling Mama: You're home? Okay, put it down. I'm on my way!

Abel was working from home that morning because he forgot his phone and had to come back for it so just started working. (I think the heat got to our heads!) I usually eat lunch at my desk (while reading blogs!) so it was really nice to get out of the office and share lunch with my hubby, even if it was a bit hurried!


  1. the phone call with abel is classic. I can actually hear him saying, "I know. I'm about to eat it." haha.


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