Friday, April 3, 2009

Favorite Things Friday: God's Dream

March 26th was the 3rd anniversary of the day Lucas was baptized and at some point in the past year, my sister, a Catholic school teacher, was at a retreat where someone suggested that Godparents should celebrate the baptism days of their Godchildren. She took it to heart and decided to start celebrating this date for Lucas.

Part of her gift to him was this lovely, lovely book. It has been one of his book choices almost every single night since it arrived. And I haven't minded reading it over and over again because I thoroughly enjoy the message and illustrations myself.

And so today I'm pleased to feature God's Dream by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Douglas Carlton Abrams, illustrated by Leuyen Pham, as my Favorite Things Friday.

I'm sure that part of my affinity for this book is that I had the opportunity to hear Archbishop Tutu several years ago and it truly was amazing. As an activist against apartheid in South Africa, then chair of the country's Truth and Reconciliation Council and later winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, his message about peace, love and the intrinsic value of each person is amazing.

In this book, it is conveyed in beautiful, simple language. Language even a 3 year old can understand. For example, it tells us that it is God's dream that we share and care but that He does not force us to do so. The book talks about each person being important and equal even if one is taller and one is smaller. After that line, Lucas always chimes in, "Just like I am taller than Will!"

The message conveyed through the illustrations is equally as powerful as what is conveyed through the words. We see toddlers of all sizes and colors. Dressed differently and praying in different ways. Each page is more beautiful than the next!

Thanks, Aunt Sarah, for sending along such a wonderful book!


  1. Lucas's comment about being taller than Will just made my day! :)


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