Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pretty Cool Kid

I was thinking, recently, that maybe I don't write often enough on this blog about just how incredibly cool and amazing Lucas is. Because, really, despite the occasional accident or sleep issue or general craziness, he really is an awesome kid.

He's the kind of kid who will, several times a day, completely out of the blue, look up and say, "I love you, Mama." The kind of kid who says hello to every single kid that is approximately his size or smaller at stores. The kind of kid who says thank you when someone holds the door for us.

And, oh man. He cracks me up. He remembers random lines of dialogue from cartoons and pulls them out at the funniest times. He picks up on everything as exhibited recently by the fact that he has gotten obsessed with the 1-page Geico ads which were recently in the Washington Post. On one side they have a stack of bills with googly eyes. You know, the print version of this ad. He carries these ads around saying "This is the money you save with dieco. 15 minutes." or "15 minutes. This is the money you save. dieco."

Hysterical and a little scary at the same time.


  1. That is fantastic. I memorized some sort of back pain pill commercial when I was small and my Mom's reaction was the same: laughter and fear. Your son sounds awesome.

  2. who taught him to say that? oh man, that child is too cute. stop writing blogs about him.. I can't stand reading about him and not getting to see him! ;)


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