Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Randomness punctuated

So I am not going to die from an infection in my jaw that has spread to my brain. Nor am I already dead from it, despite what you may have surmised due to my lack of recent posts. I did drive up to Pennsylvania on Friday to see my oral surgeon who picked out a few stray pieces of bone from my gums and prescribed an antibiotic just to be sure.

And then Saturday and Sunday flew by in a total and complete blur. I'm serious. At this moment, I can. not. remember. what. we. did.

[Thinking hard.]

Oh, yes. Now I remember.

Saturday morning Abel and Lucas went for a "hike in the forest" aka the National Arboretum, a truly under-appreciated gem just a few miles from our house, while I finished my display, copied fliers and purchased additional white vinegar and baking soda to take my green cleaning show on the road to a local "Going Green on a Budget" fair.

Whenever I do things like that, I always thoroughly enjoy and have tons of energy during the talking and schmoozing and whatnot but then afterwards am completely wiped out and drained of every ounce of energy. This is now I know that I really am an introvert though I think most people would never guess that. Extroverts would find themselves refilled and recharged rather than exhausted after being with people all afternoon, right?

On a side note, I took this really interesting course in college which explored US Presidents based on their character, personality, etc. It was fascinating to find that many of our past presidents were introverts, too. You'd think all politicians are extroverts, wouldn't you?

Sunday. Lucas was really bad. At Mass. Again. Despite me using every single trick I can possibly think of. The worst part is that I had taken my mom's advice to sit up front--we're talking the first pew--in hopes he'd be distracted! by! the! transfiguration! happening! priest! talking! and! the! choir! singing!

He wasn't.

[And this concludes my apparent attempt at breaking the Guinness Book of World records for most punctuation used inappropriately in a post. Thank you.]

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