Thursday, April 9, 2009

TV lineup is hitting pretty close to home, literally!

Okay, so first I find out about the new show Parks and Recreation which totally could be my dad. If, that is, my dad was a woman who was played by Amy Poehler.

Then, I do a double-take when I see the preview for Glee. The new Fox show by the creator of Nip/Tuck.

So what? you ask.

Two things, my friends, two things.

First, I was a total glee club geek in high school. Here's the evidence*:

Did you spot me? I'm top row, dead center, frizzy hair.

Second, Abel is from Lima, OH, the setting for Glee! Seriously!

So, here's my plan: Dad consults for Parks and Recreation offering up his decades of experience. And, Abel and I consult for Glee to help keep them real. Me, on the dorkiness of being in high school glee club (the photo really says it all, doesn't it?) and Abel, on what life is like in good ole' Lima, OH.


*Photo courtesy of some fellow glee club geek who felt the need to post it on facebook and tag every single person in the photo. In the spirit of full disclosure, I feel the need to tell you that the group pictured above, of which I was a proud member, was actually the "elite" singing group of Glee Club--The Chorusters. We got those gawd-awful polyester outfits and "toured." In this photo we're standing outside the state capitol building in Harrisburg. And as long as I'm coming clean, I was in band and on the public speaking team, too. Now, dear readers, you can understand the full extent of my geekdom.


  1. Love the picture! I was a band geek too. I played the flute and I was the drum major my senior year!

  2. Ha ha! I was in "Show Choir" sequined cummerbunds and bow ties and of course, jazz hands. Our rendition of "Strike up the band" was fantastic.

  3. Oh we've all got our skeletons, I was in Shakespere club, lettered in Drama, was in the Madrigal choir, the Chamber choir, and my personal favoirite...the english handbell ensemble.

  4. not just band, MARCHING band. :) and don't forget about bell choir. hahaha.


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