Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yesterday, in tweet* form

9am: Surprise! Play date this morning at our house that I completely forgot about. Well, actually I thought it was next Tuesday. This is becoming a trend.

11am: Looking for a great book for preschool boys? Let me recommend I Stink by Kate and Jim McMullen. Lucas has it almost completely memorized and just recited it for his little buddy. Too cute!

2:30pm: That boy had better nap. I know he's exhausted and I've started cleaning out his toys. I'll never succeed in the much-needed purging if he wakes up!

3pm: Is it okay to fill Lucas's Easter eggs with matchbox cars he already has? I'm sure he won't notice as he has about 1 million of them!

4:30pm: Lucas looks sooooo grown up with his new haircut ($12 at a little mom & pop barber shop). Hello there my 6yo son!

7pm: I'm sooooo jealous of Abel's new iPhone. Seriously. He hated his BlackBerry Storm so they upgraded him to an iPhone. How crazy is that? Am currently plotting ways to make it mine.

7:30pm: So, what apps should my husband get for his new iPhone? (Also, is my typing coming across green from the massive jealousy?)

8:30pm: Watching 2nd episode of Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency on HBO on demand. Highly recommend this new series!

10:00pm: Off to bed. Tomorrow's the last day of work before the long weekend! (Woo hoo except that I'm only off on Thursday to have a tooth pulled. May need to take my Easter chocolate in shake form!)

*None of which was actually tweeted.


  1. iphone is the best invention of the 20th century.

  2. I think it's perfectly okay to put old toys in the eggs! It's a repression (recession + depression). :) Plus, you can spin it and say that the EB rummaged through the toys and picked his favorite ones (or something like that).

  3. Glad you like No.1 Ladies Detective Agency. You know, it all takes place where we are living. In fact, they spent the last several months filming the next one!


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