Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brad Pitt taught my son to eat worms

So another crazy thing about being pregnant is the dreams--my pregnancy dreams are incredibly vivid. Last night I dreamed that Brad Pitt taught Lucas to eat worms!

So the dream started out that we were visiting my mom's good friend Ellen and it just so happened that Ellen was dating Brad Pitt. Now, everyone totally realized that this was a HUGE deal. I mean, it wasn't just a guy who looked like Brad Pitt but it was really and truly BRAD PITT. Brad was on his way over and Ellen even warned us all to just be ourselves.

Well, obviously that was impossible!

So he comes in and I stammer an awkward introduction. Then Lucas, who had been out playing in the yard, wandered in carrying a worm he had found in the dirt. Of course Brad, being the experienced father that he is, expressed great interest in Lucas's worm. Then, as Lucas was leaving to find more worms, Brad remarked he has known some pretty bizarre people--no names mentioned!--some who even eat worms because they are high in protein but low in fat and calories.

Apparently Lucas overheard the "eating worms" part and came back inside with a chewed up worm in his mouth.

Obviously it tasted disgusting so he wanted to spit it out into my hand. Obviously I totally wanted to FREAK the heck out but there was BRAD PITT. So, I totally had to act cool and accept the chewed up worm into my hand before taking Lucas to the sink for a glass of water to rinse out his mouth.

I woke up a little mad at Brad Pitt for teaching my son to eat worms but was also like WAY TO GO Ellen!

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