Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Playing the Name Game

Now that we officially know that Baby #2 is Boy #2, Abel and I have started getting serious about names. It took literally hours and hours of reading through lists, vetoing left and right and getting suggestions from family and friends to come up with Lucas last time around. We had one other boy name under consideration, Gus, which despite many people telling us they hated it, we both really liked. (It still bubbles up in conversation these days so be careful not to share your intense hatred if that's how you feel!)

As for a girl, we were all set: Isabel Ramona. Isabel is a name I've loved for years and years, long before I met Abel. And, as it happens to also be his mother's name, I can't think of anything more perfect for a daughter. I was a bit concerned with it's current popularity and had a slight fear that someone would think I named a daughter after the main character in the Twilight novels. So, if we eventually have a daughter in a few more years, maybe those issues will be resolved. Ramona, a name that is s l o w l y growing on me, is the name of Abel's maternal grandmother. For me--and perhaps you?--the first thing that comes to mind when I hear that name is crazy-haired, knock-kneed, Ramona Quimby! Oh how I loved those books when I was younger. But, really, is the the kind of character you want to name your daughter after?

Well, all that is moot anyway.

Back to boys.

As I mentioned, Lucas has been intent on calling the baby Lucas. Just yesterday, however, he got to meet the new baby brother of one of his friends. This baby's name is Thomas. Now, the name Thomas is a wonderful, solid name. One I like a great deal. But what does it evoke in any toddler or preschool aged boy? Thomas the Train! Lucas immediately suggested that we name our baby Percy, a leap that makes total sense: Percy is Lucas's favorite engine.

Let me be clear: Percy is not under consideration!

I've been scanning baby name websites and even borrowed a few baby name books from some moms in town. So far, it looks like we're both leaning toward Old Testament names. They do seem to be en vogue right now, don't they? Lucas is the Latin for Luke, a biblical name. And, of course, Abel fits in the Old Testament category as well.

We've got a few months to figure it all out so who knows what we'll come up with. In the meantime, though, I think it would be funny to start telling anyone who asks that we're naming the baby Cain.

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  1. Will has also made a few suggestions for his little bother's future name. These have included Malfoy, Harry, and Percy (except not for the train; for the book character Percy Jackson). Thanks honey, but we'll pass.

  2. I have a co-worker with a little boy named Gus. I think it's a darling name. I'm sure you will hear lots of opinions about names, including from me! You will find the perfect name and don't let anyone talk you out of it.

  3. Was there a character named Percy in the Harry Potter series? And he was a Prefect at Hogwarts? Or am I thinking of something else?

    The name Ramona will always have a soft spot in my heart because of Beverly Cleary's wonderful Ramona Cleary... I read those books over and over as a child.

    I think that telling people that you plan to name the baby Cain is hilarious. Good luck with your decision!

  4. We are having this issue ourselves. For some reason, boy names seem harder. It doesn't help that my criteria might be a bit, um, harsh. No names that can be turned into nicknames like Patrick (Pat) and nothing from the Bible. I know I making it hard for us.

    There was one name that hubby and I both liked but Sophia is very adamant that the baby cannot have that name. Do we take that into consideration or not?

  5. I met a little boy named August--and his parents called him Augie or Gus. Before we knew that this baby was a she, Aaron recommended Moses (Aaron's Biblical brother), Gabriel and Sebastian. I thought it would be fun to name the baby one of Aaron's son's names...until I realized I couldn't pronounce a single one.

  6. We had the hardest time with boy names! Girl names seemed so much easier! Good luck and I know whatever you pick will be a perfect fit for Lucas' little brother!


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