Thursday, September 17, 2009

Losing My Disfunctional Family

Photo via CBS.

Dear readers, you have learned a great deal about me over the past few years of blogging, but I bet there's something that I've never shared before: I'm a Soap Opera fan!


I hardly ever get to watch these days, but I've been a devoted follower of the CBS line-up since, apparently, age 3. I have a new post up over at DC Metro Moms talking about losing what feels like part of the family, albeit a very dysfunctional part of the family, on Friday when Guiding Light goes off the air. Click here to read more!

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  1. How funny! I had no idea. I've been mourning this a little bit too. I was watching some 60 minute segment on this earlier in the week and I was dying to call Liz to talk about it. If only I knew I could have called you! Liz forced me to watch Guiding Light with her 1991-1992, and I really did like it. It always amazed me that even many years later, if I caught just 15 minutes I was up to speed on the characters and plots.


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