Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finding our Groove

This is the first week of the new school and work schedule for Lucas and me and we're still working on finding our groove. Lucas loves school--he's making new friends and brings home new art projects every day.

He also is very, very happy to see me at pick-up time which is such a great feeling. The school is on a big hill and every day (in nice weather) they dismiss the kids from the top of the outdoor steps with all the parents waiting below. (That way they can dismiss the kids one by one without a big crowd of parents and kids getting all mixed up.) The feeling when Lucas spots me, waves, then hurries down the steps wearing his backpack and clutching his latest work of art is just priceless. He gives me a big hug at the bottom of the steps and we walk home.

This next statement will sound crazy to all my full-time working readers, but I've had to go into the office three days in a row now (tomorrow it will be four) and it is exhausting! I'm only at work for five hours each day but just the idea of getting up and out the door early every day without breaks in-between is a real mental shift after having Tuesdays, Thursday afternoons and Fridays off for past three years. Now, I'll most certainly be singing a different tune this Friday when I drop Lucas off and then have 6.5 hours ALL TO MYSELF before pick-up time! I've got a rigorous schedule planned for my first solo Friday: take a nice walk, head home to shower and get ready then meet two fabulous friends for a L O N G lunch. If I am able to squeeze in a pedicure then it will be the perfect day :)

I'm sure I'll get used to is soon enough, but as of now, this going to work every day thing is for the birds!

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  1. I hope that your week has gone well! It is our first week of both kids being in school and it has definitely been a week of adjusting and figuring out our groove. Have a wonderful weekend!


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