Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A fresh day

Of course after Monday's post, Lucas was an absolute doll Monday afternoon and evening. He came home from preschool SO EXCITED about his Scholastic book order. I picked the books out and didn't tell him about the order so he was very surprised and pleased to receive the books at school and get to bring them home. First thing after getting home, we sat at the table, had a little snack and read through three of the books. Later, we read two of them again--with him attentively on my lap the entire time.

Ha! That goes to show you, Mama!

After his snack I wanted him to help me make oatmeal cookies because it was his turn to take in the class snack today. I took about 15 minutes to prepare all the ingredients in little bowls (like they do on TV!) so he could help me with minimal mess. There were a lot more dishes to wash afterwards (I've mentioned that we don't have a dishwasher, right?) but having him easily and successfully help me was worth it. And, a good thing I took the time in advance as I had planned to make a double batch but when I got to the oats (critical ingredient in oatmeal cookies!) I barely had enough for one batch. We were bummed that this meant only a grand total of 3 extra cookies after counting out enough for the preschoolers and teachers, but I have a feeling Lucas and I will make them again soon!

I can't wait to get today's report about snack time. He was so excited to take in a snack that he made.

This totally isn't a cooking blog, but I have to share that I'm trying some new things to make my favorite baked goods more healthy. I've switched over to whole wheat flour and recently bought some whole wheat pastry flour, which I'm told is lighter (density wise, not calorie wise!). I've tried incorporating ground flax into recipes in substitution for oil (not much success yet, I will report in when I get something that isn't as heavy as a brick!). With this recipe, I used 1/2 white sugar and 1/2 Sucanat, a natural cane sugar. That worked really well so next time I'll try using all Sucanat in place of white sugar or I may substitute raw honey for the white sugar and Sucanat for the brown sugar. I am very good at following recipes so it is a little stressful for me to try tinkering with them (especially when I get disappointing results!) so I'm trying little changes at a time.

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  1. That's so much fun that Lucas got to be surprised by the scholastic books! As a teacher who uses scholastic, I have to say, your teacher is also thanking you. Man do we ever make out in free books when kids order! Also, I love, love, love thinking of Lucas telling everyone that he made the snacks. Too cute. Too sweet. I miss him and can't believe it will be at the very earliest JANUARY until I see him again and he will be a big brother by then!


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