Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inauguration and the Purple Gate, Part 3

Okay, okay, I promise* this is the last thing I am going to write about the purple gate debacle at the inauguration.

Oh my gosh. I totally was going to write on my first "Inauguration and the Purple Gate Debacle" post that purple gaters should demand a do-over. But, I didn't write that. Because, you know, that was just so totally impossible it wasn't worth the screen space.

But there was a do-over!

Yes, indeed.

Late last night Chief Justice John Roberts went over to the White House and Obama re-took the oath. It was just a tad bit annoying how badly Roberts flubbed the oath on Tuesday afternoon. White House Council Greg Craig said this was done for "an abundance of caution." Which I think was a smart idea considering that as of December some crazies were still trying to claim that Obama wasn't an American citizen.

But, I do think an opportunity was missed--purple ticket holders should have been invited to the do-over!!

Oh, and here's your fun fact of the day. According to the American Bar Association Journal, two other presidents have re-taken the oath of office: Calvin Coolidge and Chester Arthur. (Chester Arthur? Who the heck is he?)

*fingers crossed. I'm hoping to move beyond the purple gate by tomorrow when Favorite Things Friday will resume. But, if something comes up, I'll be forced to revisit the subject!

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