Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gift Giving Failure

One of the things I take pride in about myself is that I pick out damn good gifts. I really do. Seriously. Apparently, however, when it comes to choosing gifts for my son, I am a complete failure.

I came to this realization over the weekend. I was sorting/organizing/culling some of Lucas's old toys to make room for his many new toys. There were toys that he loved and used a ton that we'll take up to the attic to save for a future (I hope!) child. There were toys that are broken that were thrown out. And, there were toys that were never used that have been donated to Value Village. Then, there's his Melissa & Doug stick pony that I was so excited to give him last year for Christmas. This toy (which is on its way up to the attic!) is in mint condition. Why? Because he never. played. with. it. Okay, maybe, maybe once. But that's it. I'm not kidding.

And this year. What was I so incredibly excited to give him? A fabulous, hand-sewn, personalized cape (that link takes you to his actual one; note the Buckeye colors!) which I spotted here and was made by this wonderfully creative woman. I swear, just a few days before his birthday he asked me to tie his sweatshirt around his neck "like a cape, Mama." And I happily complied knowing that in just a few days he'd be so excited to receive his own cape--his only birthday gift from us this year. And, he was. He was very excited when he ripped open the package. And then he put it aside.

And has he worn it? Not once!

Believe me, I've tried to get him to wear it. Seriously, almost every day, I've asked if he wanted to wear his "superhero cape". His reply: "No thanks. I'm not a superhero today, Mom." (Points for politeness and complete sentences!)

It is now hanging prominently on his bookcase (fka his changing table) waiting for the day he decides he is, indeed, a superhero. (And, in the meantime, I might just think about putting it on myself!)


  1. You just never know with gifts! Someone (I won't name) I know got a sizable gift certificate to a book store for Christmas - and I would think he would love it, since he loves to read all the time, but it's like a burden to him. Who would have thought!

  2. We got two capes here for Christmas. One was worn once. The other not at all. I just saw them today, balled up in the basket of mittens. Sigh.


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